Underfloor heating goes hand in hand with liquid screed. Why? I hear you ask.

Liquid screed is particularly suited to underfloor heating. It flows around the heating pipes which we fit under your floor, enveloping them completely. That snug fit, along with the excellent thermal efficiency of the screed, makes for a really effective heating system.

We use the latest multi-layer pipes and control systems. Our installers are all fully certified – a very important requirement when dealing with plumbing and heating. And we’ll top it all off with a perfectly level floor that will last for years to come. Your home with be comfy, cosy and energy efficient.

We operate across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire, so give us call on 07948 098868 for a quote.

  • Improved energy efficiency (water underfloor heating works best at around 40oC (as opposed to 80oC for a radiator system)
  • In combination with a heat pump, you can reduce energy consumption even more
  • Better control over your heating, eliminating unnecessary heating, saving you money
  • You don’t need to leave space for radiators
  • More even distribution of heat with no cold spots
  • Dust isn’t circulated – great for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Reduced risk of dust mites in your carpet as moisture content is too low
  • Low maintenance
  • Toasty toes!


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